The Baby MONKey! – Story!

Yup! he’s here. I stay at Bangalore in a full house gated community with at least 1500 families. It’s strange to see this baby monkey visiting our home daily at 7 am. We stay on the third floor. Its become habitual for us to feed him with a banana. He is small, well behaved with a kind eye.

Today too he is here. Yesterday, I had a fall from my Honda Activa but fortunately no major injuries except a few scratches. The rear view mirror got detached and needed a fix. I had kept it in the balcony and that has become a toy for the monkey today. He happily kept playing with it for a while and left it wherever it was before moving away. I thought of keeping it for him without fixing on my two-wheeler.

The next day dawned and he arrived. As expected, he reached out to the mirror and kept doing multiple facial expressions as if he is practicing for a film audition. He then took the banana and offered it to his mirror reflection. As usual, the mirror reciprocated by offering him a Banana. He got so excited, jumped up and down in quick repetitions, a usual monkey thing.

Tomorrow came, I waited for him. As usual, the moment he arrived, I offered him a Banana. He too was offering me something with his little hands, three Indian Blackberries! I did not resist accepting the offer. He then quickly grabbed the banana, went to the mirror, started his offering poses and enjoyed the reciprocative reflections.

I thought life teaches all of us every moment. It’s up to us to understand or neglect. Maybe he is a BABY MONK-ey.

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