Pet Picnic – A Short Story!

Meera had only one concern about the School Picnic, her bestie pup Lucky. She is in her 7th Grade and has to part Lucky for 2 full days during the picnic. Lucky was her Dad’s Birthday gift. Meera got lucky with Lucky licking all over her face on the last Birthday. It’s been three months since lucky is a part of the team family. Lucky is small, cuter than the cutest with eyes that can hypnotize even Chris Evans in no time.

Every Morning, Lucky would stage a protest against Meera’s going to school. One day she would sit on her shoes, the other day on her uniform. If nothing works out, then a broken-hearted face & Meera would start compelling her dad to send a leave letter to the school. Meera is no less too. These two have bonded so well without Fevicol. Dad got concerned and had hired a trainer for Lucky.

Lucky is well behaved for the last week, but her eyes keep longing for the arrival of Meera. The picnic day arrived, Lucky sensed Meera isn’t going to school and was just lying low spirited with her eyes nailed down on Meera. Meera too was feeling very regretful to leave Lucky like this. Dad promised lucky would be alright and he would take good care of her.

It was all happy faces in the school. Meera was the only odd man out with 50% of her Heart on the Picnic and the rest 50% on Lucky. There was so much of excitement going around in the gathering and two beautiful Multi-Axle Volvo buses were on the wait to load these kids for a great trip. The class teacher was busy addressing the kids with heavy duty instructions. Once done, Mrs. Shradha, Meera’s class teacher started call-outs to board them on the bus. Mrs. Shradha has always been a student’s delight. She greeted every kid before boarding. When it came to Meera’s turn, Mrs. Shraddha could easily notice something was wrong. She kept Meera beside her, finished boarding all the kids and then started her quick enquiry with Meera. Mrs Shradha understood the situation, she looked straight into Meera’s eyes and said

“There is no 50% in any decision Meera, and if it’s so, it means you haven’t decided yet. I will give you another 5 minutes to decide between the two.”

Meera had a lot of respect for Mrs. Shradha. She strongly felt, the teacher was right and she has to decide. She started paying attention and after a while, came to Mrs. Shradha and said: “I would like to get back Home”. “Perfect, I will do the arrangements for you to reach home, but why this decision?” asked Mrs. Shradha. Now, Meera looked into the eyes of Mrs. Shraddha and said:

“If Lucky was in my position and I was her, she would have definitely voted to remain with Meera, and not the picnic”.

While saying so, tears rolled down uncontrollably and it was sweet.

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