Are We Still In The Womb Of Cosmic Mother?

The womb of a mother is the most special, distinguished sacred space. Without a single effort of ours, we are manifested and delivered to this world. There is no feeling of “I” during the process. A baby happily runs to hug the fire since there is no feeling of separation from the fire. Once mind develops the feeling of separation happens and we start satisfying desires of the “I”.

When we are totally ready, the womb releases us into this World. We come out of the womb and the umbilical cord is cut, physically there is a clear disconnection from the womb. At the same time, if we consider this Universe as the Cosmic Mother’s Womb, understanding our very life takes a whole new perception.

We are all inside the Cosmic Mother’s Womb getting nurtured the same way to evolve. The only difference is that we have a fully grown mind, that distinguishes us from everything else. The Cosmic Mother perfectly caters everything that’s needed for life to exist on this Planet Earth. All the crucial aspects of life, Sunlight, water, air, soil that grows food provided by the cosmic mother are taken for granted most of the times.

A baby is in the womb for not more than 10 months since there is an absolute zeroness of the “I”. Same way, in the cosmic mother’s womb the quicker we start feeling all lives are equal, we get delivered at the right time or else our delivery is postponed. We are never disconnected and every being is chiseled. There is a saying, “Trust the Process”. Maybe the Cosmic Mother wants us to feel every life on this planet is a part of her womb.

We are one.

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