Developmental Psychology! Observational Learning! Habits and Nature!

Observation awakens the teacher within.

To make a correction, you should see the mistake first.

This is the most important chapter in Developmental Psychology. If you get this one thing right, we are done. Observation is a great process for parental learning too. In this process, you become an observer of your child and no more a dictator. But we are going to begin this process by observing ourselves first.


Habits & Nature are the two driving forces, that controls every happening of our life and the origin of this is always unknown. OBSERVE YOURSELF FIRST AND CONTINUE YOUR OBSERVATION WITH ADULTS. Begin by observing the nature and habits of yourself and then your friends, spouse, parents, boss, colleagues whomever u spend more time with.

What is a habit?

Habit is a repeated pattern of action in our day to day’s routine.


Nature is one’s response to every happening in his / her life.

Don’t conclude, don’t judge just keep observing

examples of habits,

  • tea or coffee every 1 hour.
  • yoga is the first thing in the mornings
  • the morning starts in the gym or a park walk
  • saves money daily, very careful about spending,
  • visits a temple daily
  • can’t sleep without night alcohol
  • can’t live without chicken
  • womanizer and continues to enjoy multiple relationships with women

examples of nature,

  • blames everything, everybody else, except yourself for any problem or failure
  • treats everyone with the same respect, janitor or manager doesn’t matter
  • kind
  • trustworthy
  • manhandles children, spouse & gets into a fight in no time

Habits and Nature impacts our life and if you become a silent spectator of your own nature and habits, that’s good enough to understand the very life on this planet earth. Do this with total honesty.

Why are we doing this?

If the above exercise is done genuinely, you would clearly notice, habits and nature are responsible for everything in your life and the most astonishing thing is that their source is always unknown. It’s like, you are driven by them. You will have a crystal clear picture of yourself than before. Let’s discuss more in the coming articles.

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