Developmental Psychology – Handling Children’s Aggressive Behaviour!

Parenthood is an unconditional deal with love.

We are deputed by nature to take care of children. We have no rights to punish or abuse them. It’s important to understand and look into the behavior of children before taking corrective actions. What does aggressive behavior mean? A response that’s immediate & based on anger is perceived aggressive, isn’t it so? Let’s look at a simple common example. Imagine a glass of hot water in front of you. To make it warm and drinkable, you would either mix a little bit of cold water or leave it for some time so that it becomes warm. Use the same strategy with your children also.

During such a situation, when children get aggressive, if you respond the same way by overpowering or by becoming double the time aggressive to control them, things move from bad to worst. Give them a lot of love, use words like the below ones

“you are absolutely right, it was my mistake, let me correct”

“Oh, is that what you meant? I took it wrong, sorry”

Love is the first strategy and let loose your ego with them, never abuse or curse them in any situation. As a parent, what you tell affects children emotionally. Use motivating, good words.

The second strategy is to give them time in total silence, without responding back. This might be difficult but a very efficient one. Keep silence without any grudge and continue serving them with their needs. Everything will heal with time. Children are walking Gods, they will just become normal with time, without any carryover grudges.

A Learner’s Attitude without ego, filled with love is the third strategy and the most powerful of all. Introspect honestly and find a negative in your parenting that led to this situation. Simply take the blame on yourself. Trust that they are teaching you something precious every time through a situation. Try and develop a habit to constantly look out & learn something out of any tough situation to become an improved Self.

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