Developmental Psychology – How are we perceiving our Children?

A Mocktail that’s made of Dad’s Mind & Body + Mom’s Mind & Body are children. If you learn to perceive them as yourselves, there would be no upset about their actions. Let’s just understand this one phenomenon at a closer view. Answer the below questions for yourself very honestly without any procrastination (has to be answered by husband and wife both).

  1. What are the unfulfilled desires that you have? There might be too many, just look deep and nail down to the ones that really overpower you (before the child’s birth particularly).
  2. What was your emotional state at the time of pregnancy? What were you majorly thinking during this time? (Prayers, Happiness, Fears, Expectations, Guilt, Anger, Worries, etc.,)
  3. How was your state of health during this period? What was the doctor saying and how did you feel about it?
  4. What are the kind of habits you were into during that time? (Exercise, yoga, gym, alcohol, smoking, sex, late night work, watching Television, laziness, etc.,)
  5. How was your relationship with your parents and social circle, Did you feel lonely during that time or joyous with a lot of people around you taking care?

Once you do this honestly, now answer the ones below

  1. What all good things you see in your children?
  2. Habits that you don’t like in them?
  3. What all problems are you facing now with your children? ( Behavioural issues, Health, Habits, Abuse, Depression, etc.,)

If you compare answers from the above two-section, you would clearly see that your children are just you. In short, if you pour coke from a bottle into an empty glass and expect the glass to be filled with wine, isn’t that a joke? Children are just an extension of you, with a different name and body. This truth will become very obvious if you do the above exercise religiously & you would never get upset or angry over your children’s actions instead live at peace with them.

On the lighter side, if you are not enjoying the Mocktail, go fix yourself. That’s it for the first session. Good Day! Thanks for reading!

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