Developmental Psychology – How to Identify Your Child’s Natural Ability!

Identifying your child’s talent at a little early stage would solve a lot of future headaches. Parents grieve after compelling their kids to study engineering, medicine and what not. Most of the kids when they grow up confess they studied something which wasn’t their interest for the sake of parents and the ratio of these cases are too many in number nowadays.

Here are some simple useful ways to figure out your kid’s interest.

Two messages before we begin,

These methods are suggested only for children from the age group of 5 – 12 yrs.

Every kid is addicted to gadgets and games. Anyways, that got into the kid’s natural ability already, so forget it as of now.

Exposure is one of the best ways to learn. If you just facilitate children to get exposed to various skills, that’s good enough for them to choose. Trust the natural intelligence in every human being. We might be older than them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we know better. Brain and the Eyes are strongly interconnected. The shortcut is, begin with the eyes. Choose visual material in the form of videos that has content related to

  • Sports
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Astronomy
  • Music
  • Educational \ Academic
  • Cooking
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Automotives
  • Manufacturing

and maybe few more that can relate to a career. Pls, don’t explain them anything. On the first go, just keep playing one or two a day to ensure that you did not miss anything. Once you have finished playing them all, the kid himself will filter out certain content and would start watching a particular content repeatedly without any boredom. They might raise questions that need to be answered with the correct information. If you don’t know, better tell them that you don’t know and would revert after finding the answer.

2. Buy some physical material in the form of toys, equipment, stationery or take them to relevant places of repeatedly watched content.

3. Again filter down to what your child enjoys the best. Now put them on to training, workshops, boot camps, etc., that’s relevant to the child’s interest.

4. Better the training with experts.

5. Let them get equipped in a professional way with at least two of their interests. This would suffice to choose the right stream of study when they step into college education.

6. Be with them and give all the support until the child’s interest turns into a talent.

The other method is “Acceptance”. In the womb, we never placed eyes, nose and everything else to create a perfect baby. It all happened and we had no other choice than to accept it. Once the child comes out, we try to take control over them and make them do things that we like. Instead, support their choices, appreciate their intelligence, when they fail, truly motivate them and encourage to try again. Allow, allow and keep allowing with mild facilitation and guidelines. Never try to make them successful for the sake of telling society and social circle about their achievements. Accept your kid as they are, as it is every moment. That’s good enough to make them identify their natural abilities.

Just like how we water the plant whenever needed and do not interfere in the natural process of opening up the petals to make it blossom, use that same understanding to make your child blossom.

Good Day! Thanks for reading!

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