Developmental Psychology – What Should You Teach Children From An Early Age!

Children should not be taught directly. The most efficient and powerful technique would be Observational Learning! Learning from what you do! Learning from what you expose to them! That’s it. Nothing more, the way kids pick up observational learning and make it their lifestyle is amazing. What one hundred books, can’t teach them, a simple act of yours will do and penetrate their being.

Now, the question is all about our actions and exposure. Let’s think about it. One can easily notice, the way present is progressing into the future looks scary in the

  • way human values are deteriorating
  • level of tolerance coming down with people
  • destruction of nature without understanding the consequences
  • increased sexual crimes & pornography
  • educational pressure and career-related stress – running the rat race

The priority is not to make our children a threat for society and nature, rest all can follow. Let’s understand this in the form of a case study.

Observational Learning (Case Study 1):

everything in this world is based on coexistence, we are all connected!


Water a plant along with them and keep talking to the kid, our life in one way is very deeply connected to the kingdom of trees and the same way life of a tree is rooted on our breathing. What we breathe out, that’s carbon dioxide they consume and live, similarly we human beings live based on the tree’s exhalation, that’s oxygen. Nature has already made all of us in such a way that though everything looks different and separate, we are all connected in some way.

Give a glass of water to the paper delivery boy. In a similar way, the way you greet and treat the cab driver uncle, vegetable vendor, the teacher and many other people, the children will automatically understand we all serve each other. There’s no big or small profession and everyone should be treated with respect and the feeling of I, me, myself would come down with children over a period of time. Making the child see the world in a way that everyone is connected is OUR FIRST GOAL.

More to come in the observational learning series! Thanks for Reading, Good Day!

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