Our children are just an extension of our unfulfilled desires and next level capabilities. They are here to do stuff that we keep dreaming about and never ventured into…not the Doctor, Engineer Game, it’s about our True Upgraded version in all Dimensions.

Children teach us the best lessons ever learned. If we need our own honest feedback, here’s the quick tip. Whatever we think about​ them is simply us. If we are proud and happy about them, let’s pat our back, the qualities that we want them to acquire is what we need to cultivate. If we think, they are selfish, the simple truth is that we are Selfish. The analysis would be perfect if we do it with grown-up sons and daughters than small kids.

They are never to be blamed, its all we. If we work on the things that we feel wrong with our children, we become better and as we progress we start perceiving them as flawless. If we feel, they are an inspiration and star performers definitely we are that too. The biggest psychos in this world are the parents who punish and beat children.

Happy Parenthood.

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