College Beauty! – A Short Read!

I was very nervous on the first day of my college. I wanted to settle down on the first day itself with my friends, teachers, ambiance and what not. I was demanding too much of myself and tried to fake around to impress upon people on the first day. My name is Charan and since my dad is an Inspector, I could easily save myself if at all there would have been any ragging.

Everything went on well on the first day except this odd-looking girl, who had dressed up a little weird. Initially, I thought maybe she is born brought up in the US and relocated later to India. But then her story was different, she wanted to go and settle down in the US. I guess maybe she was preparing herself for it in all ways possible except studying. She wasn’t performing well with her academics and was a nightmare to the professors and staff in the college. She was very proud of her beauty and flaunted her body with short clothes. Boys were always around her.College management had caught her smooching on the campus and left her with a warning many times. She never bothered. She just became the talk of the college in no time. Being in the first year, she drew the attention of even seniors.

We got the news of her suicide on one not so fine morning. The whole college rushed to her home. she had hung herself. It became too late since the body was going through a postmortem. The body that she considered as her biggest asset arrived in the burial ground fully bandaged and it was a sad scene to see it closer. Her parents looked upset. They moved away immediately after she was set on fire. I had many questions rising in my mind and even today when I see anyone flaunting their body and beauty with pride, I remember her.

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