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Anything that happens to us is a Blessing! The inability to see the good thing in all the happening in & around us is the only curse. If we become receptive, our perception becomes better. Everyone is already Blessed! There is absolutely no Partiality!

Every creation including tiny insects, gigantic elephants, plants, trees are all created to balance & sustain nature. Everything is connected. The simplest example is what trees breathe out is what we breathe in. Likewise, everything has a meaning to exist and it’s infinite. This is the meaning of Live and Let Live. So the keyword of the whole is CO-EXISTENCE.

We are a collection of memories and desires of our Ancestors. That’s the deeper meaning of people saying “he or she is my Blood” & science also proves Blood can trace our Ancestry. That’s the reason many people suffer with habits that they can’t change after so much of vain efforts. All our Desires, Habits & Nature are leftovers of the Ancestors.

A deeper observation of ourself will clearly give us knowledge about deep-rooted tough to change habits we suffer with. And that observation of ourself is enough to shake those deep-rooted stuff. Overall we are just a Bunch of left over desires, nature and habits of our Ancestors.

Religion is a set of guidelines to live a righteous life and walk the path to God. Every religion is unique and sacred. The very purpose is defeated if we humans create diversity, draw borders and disrespect each other’s religion.

Expansion is the very nature of humans. When we buy an Apple iPhone or a Mercedez or a huge property we feel expanded only for a short while. The real expansion is something that makes us permanently content and we have to figure it out for ourselves.

Helping others is the innate quality of all Human Beings.  Look inside, the moments & memories that made you feel good about yourself is when you did some help to others without any expectations. This quality of “Giving without Expectations” or “Unconditional Love” is called GOD and is present in all of us. How much or what you gave is not important, its only about your state when you give.

Children are directly from the Heavens. Everything they say and does has greater meaning. We are busy correcting them and miss out on the precious lessons they teach us.

Going beyond the feeling of security is the only way to realize our true potential. Look closely,  people who want to be on the safer side always get into major troubles.

If we observe closely, our senses overpower us all the time. They make us run behind whatever they wanted to quench through us. Pay attention to see that we are just slaves of those senses.

Creator and the creation are one on the same. Remembering the creator in all the creation is suffice to lead a meaningful life.

“Being Receptive” is the only secret of Living.

Time gulps everything. The greatest of the great kings and all their glory, are forgotten over time. People who lived for a common selfless cause stay cherished & immortal in all our memories.

Fear is just a thought that stops us from doing productive action. Whatever you fear simply do it, that’s the shortcut to success.

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