Life “Happens”

Memories of my Mother are becoming strong with time after she left her physical body. I truly believe she has initiated “Protonwriter” in me. “Life Happens” is a “Hearticle” that flowered just by being receptive to the happenings around me in 2018.

This is a personal experience & can’t be proved but might be a consoling factor for a lot of people who have lost their loved ones. My Mother, Mrs. Dakshayani Subramaniam left her physical body on Jan 12th, 2018 around 7 pm. Her personality was such, even in TV News if someone is shown to suffer out of Hunger, she would start crying profusely. Her kindness knew no boundaries. Anyone who visits home cannot leave without being fed with delicious food prepared and served by her own hands. I have noticed poor, rich, known, unknown, all kinds of people were served equally by her without an inch of partiality.

After a 3-month long illness, she left her body peacefully. Witnessing Her departure was one of the greatest happenings in my life. We come to this Planet, with a specific time table for ourselves. We are made to go through this time table no matter what and there is no escape. The mind constantly cheats us by making us believe as if we control our lives. Nature / Cosmic Force or GOD whatever we call is the ultimate intelligence and is the Event Manager of our life. Series of events including the date / time / month / year of her departure from this Planet clearly taught me to just be receptive from that moment. All our efforts should be towards learning to surrender our ego at His Feet. I am unable to express my feeling through words but we are such a tiny insignificant creature on this Planet with a dirty ego. Everything happens by HIS WILL. The shortcut to end any suffering is to surrender to all the happenings in our life rather do something to alter the event / life according to our wish. At that moment, we might perceive it as a bad happening / memory in our life, however a little later we know how beautifully it taught us to evolve. Let it go!Let it happen!

In reality, we can’t even plan & control when to shit and urinate. We are totally programmed. Our very own body is absolutely functioning on certain intelligence. Organs, hunger, digestion, thirst, aging, death, breath all seems to just happen by themselves. Our choice is only to be with that happening.

On the other hand, look at the situations we are made to face on a daily basis. Do we have control of them? The core of our life seems to be driven by something unknown. Starting from the very womb, we have no control about how even our physical structure needs to be. We have no answers for why babies are born crippled, with autism, physically challenged, etc.,

What happens, “happens”! and the only choice is to keep quiet with a mood of Acceptance. We might still feel, I applied for that job, I proposed and married the girl, etc., but why did you not get attracted towards something else will be an unanswerable question.

Death is inevitable for every human being. When someone leaves the Body, we should remember to stay quiet understanding the reality of an invisible expiry date carved on our heads too and its a journey of solitude. No one wants to give us company 🙂 Consider them blessed since they have become independent from the body that was binding them with thirst, hunger & bondages of the society. Keep chanting your favorite name of the Creator.

Death is a celebration in our culture. From the time someone rested, for the next 30 days, we worship them by offering water & food. Their Spirit continues to stay and guide us. Being a little receptive can show us their presence.

Having said that, we do see very few people recognized as Great Gurus and Mystics have won over the above. My Mother had this particular picture of “MahaPeriyava” as her Mobile’s wallpaper. Mahaperiyava is revered and worshipped by people across the Globe as “Jagathguru“. When all these great people say, utter GOD’s name, many doubt & question the existence of the creator. We try and show all our intelligence in resisting to utter His name. It’s so interesting to note, we are readily available to gossip, shout loud with western or Indian bad words at ease. Everyone has their beliefs and has to be respected, atheist or theist doesn’t matter. What you believe may be is in your timetable 🙂

During her last days, though she was totally bedridden, she stayed fearless, kept on enquiring whether we people at home are eating properly and was constantly doing Namaste to MahaPeriyava’s picture by picking her phone every now and then. It so happened, she left her body very peacefully at our home, exactly on the same Month, Thithi and Nakshatra as of Mahaperiyava’s Maha Nirvana. It was clearly symbolizing she was absorbed into His Feet.

We all at home felt her passing away was like a flower blossoming. I definitely knew, trusting HIM has a greater value that’s absolutely invisible. She had no resistance in living her timetable. We are here to live according to the time table with which the creator has sent us. There is nothing to worry about good and bad. Life “Happens!” Our duty is to be with that Happening without resistance.

Thanks for reading! Namaste! Maha Periyava Thiruvadi Saranam!

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