Human Beings!

Human Beings are special and the highest of possibilities in the entire universe has been demonstrated by them and of course, there is definitely no debate about it.

The nature of a very human being is expansion, driven by Fear and Greed. Most of the times, more visible the expansion is, better is the feeling and it remains unquenchable. Toyota was sounding great till it wasn’t possessed but once acquired then Mercedes sounds great and the game goes on and on till life says game over.

Being Human is all about how good our heart feels about oneself, to be precisely what’s your heart saying about your nature and habits? If we don’t feel good about yourself, simply working on it till the heart is honestly happy about it, is good enough to be called as Human Beings. If we quench the inside, the right expansion for yourself is just taken care.

All the million theories about Co-Existing with Nature, Social Responsibility, Being Kind to parents, animals and what not…everything can fall in place with this one special quality of Human Beings, Honest Introspection.

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