Marriage – The “WE” Magic!

Honestly, each one of us, move from “I” to “WE” only after marriage. Marriage definitely empowers and strengthens us to live a better life in all aspects. Self-Centric life takes a turn from here and we start experiencing inclusiveness. We start feeling an invisible thread of love connected to our better half & children. A small joy they experience multiplies 100 times in us. After marriage and having children, our life is all about their wants and happiness. We also feel good about having people to share & shoulder us during our good, bad times

Simply look around, you would notice a lot of people with positive noticeable changes after marriage. One of my friend Ranjan, during college days, was the most cheerful of all. If he joins the gang, the whole place would burst out with laughter and time would just fly by. The journey of life pulled us apart and we lost touch. It was such a pleasant surprise to see him after 15 years during a train journey. The journey with time leaves grey hair & wrinkle as its watermark on us. It was a happy reunion. Next to him was his wife. I inquired about his children, he pointed to the boy near the window who was clearly an autism kid. It was definitely a great shock and I had a sorry face. He consoled me saying,

“Vikram, my first kid is the best happening of my life and he is my turning point. There are a lot of kids in this world with this issue. I am a part-time special educator now. I actually picked it up to handle my kid. I do understand what parents go through with autism kids. I have started doing special education camps for parents & children and now I travel all over the world to do this training. I have a daughter born after him and we all do this as a family. There is so much happiness when I lessen someone’s pain. Just because of my first son, I start feeling one with the other children who have this issue.

Marriage, family makes us beautifully evolve to be more responsible and the “We Magic” also makes us extend horizons to strive, contribute for a good society.

I felt so proud of Ranjan & his family and started thinking about what I could contribute as a family even in the smallest possible way. I guess all the so-called curses are blessings, it’s about how we perceive and act upon them.

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