Overcome Addiction!

Most of the people who have tried to overcome any sort of addiction straight away fail miserably. They generally end up with stories like,

“Yesterday I had quit smoking and today I started again”

Can you clearly see the presence of two personalities inside you? One says “chuck this habit”, the other says “let’s stop it tomorrow, enjoy now”. In the extreme cases of addiction, there is only one, the other good guy gets knocked out. That’s the reason, its very difficult to get people out of addictions. Whenever you feel I have to come out of addiction, thank God! the good guy in you is still alive.

Observe your addiction first! Just pay extreme attention to how this habit possesses you. Let me give you an example, a chain smoker reaches office on a fresh great morning. He starts working and this urge to smoke shoots up. He smokes and this urge keeps driving him till the end of the day. Seeking pleasure through a habit that’s sense driven and repetitive which takes total control of him has become a daily routine.

If you observe, the habit is controlling you unknowingly, it’s like you aren’t grabbing the cigar actually, the cigar grabs you.

Once you start paying attention to the habit, you will clearly see its no more your friend. Its the worst thing that’s stuck to you. Imagine you slipped your foot down on shit and the first thing you would do is clean it up. The change happens only when you notice you are stuck with this shit and you have to clean it up immediately.

You can’t leave any addiction by reducing the frequency of the habit. You have to quit, get rid of it once for all and at once. Will you ever say, let me clean up the shit stuck on my foot little by little, day by day. Sounds silly right. The same is true for addiction too. Making a conscious decision is very important.

All these days, there was a feeling of friendliness with it. Once you started paying attention, perception changes. You will clearly see yourself as a slave of this devil and want to let go of it. The only secret of overcoming addiction is to pay attention to the habit.

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