My Kindle e-Book! Briany Tales of India!

Snippet stories of Brian’s journey to India and his stay at Grandma’s place. The stories are actually interesting incidents that any man of foreign origin would face in a typical Indian Village conveyed with a lot of humor. These are a bunch of quick interesting reads that really takes you on a journey with Brian. These stories also are thought-provoking about practices that anyone would think as a superstition. Brian also begins the same way but slowly starts understanding that every country is unique with a rich tradition. This book is written in a simple language that generally anyone could understand.

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The first few lines of the book for you below will help you decide to buy the book or to stay away. LOL.

Cold Sunday morning! No conditioned getting up! sleeping till sleep wakes you up is heaven. Brian, peeled off his blanket a little and looked up to the clock above the big poster of his favorite hero Dani Pedrosa, it was 12 pm already. He has to start his journey to Tirukovilur, TN, India, his Grandma’s place in a week’s time. Being born to an Indian father & American Mother, Cultural controversies, differences are a part of Brian’s daily routine.

He was always surprised to see the American Mother eating Sambar and the Indian Dad eating Burgers. Leaving New Jersey is difficult for him, but Mum has already booked his tickets and she desperately wanted him to be with her Mother-in-law. It’s strange, everything is upside down in this house, Indian Dad doesn’t go to meet his mother often, but the American Mother loves her Mother-in-law so much, that with any long vacation, she is there in Tirukovilur and wouldn’t wait for anybody’s company. Brian always felt the American Mother behaves Indian and the Indian Dad behaves as if he is born & brought up in the West. Brian is all set this mind to go, anyways he doesn’t have an option too and his today is already half gone.

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