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I am Reno K Subramaniam, a freelance creative content writer with a protonwriter pen, from Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu India. My profile can be viewed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/renoksubramaniam/ Writing is the way I express and connect to the World. I truly believe every being has its own way of expression. A little attention to nature will clearly show us a dog, cat, cow, ant, bee, plant, anything and everything has a unique expression. The only question is about how receptive are we?

On the lighter side, I express in 3 Dimensions. A Passionate Educationist (3D + VFX),  as a Writer and the third one as a Motivational Speaker & Coach. With 18+ years of experience in diverse fields of CG including some of the top notch animation studios and academies across India, I believe, balancing human values and professional ethics in any task undertaken is the key for a productive workflow. 3D Animation & VFX, Critical Thinking, People Management, Recruitment, Problem Solving, Team Building, Psychology Counseling, Self-Regulation, Resilience are my natural abilities and the ones that I enjoy the most. I am a keen listener, though quick in responding, adheres to valid points that others make, see from their perspective too and initiate good stuff by just collaborating ideas.

Also a brief stint at Seneca College, Canada has given a grip of the global CG Education system. I also underwent Learning & Development Training that gave an incredible insight into the standards to be followed. Workshops and Seminars at Al-khawarizmi College, Abudhabi helped me understand the Asian side better.

Storytelling and writing articles on any topic from a unique perception is my strength. This blog has a collection of my personal work. I do have a natural flair in Developmental Psychology. I have been in vocational training industry mentoring & nurturing youth in personality and skill development for almost 18 years.

I do enjoy writing Blog Posts, Fictions, Stories for Children, e-content (website, app-related, etc.,), Concepts for TV Series, Articles, Reviews, e-Books or any sort of creative writing. I understand SEO, Keyword usage and keep that in mind while writing.

I am also a Kindle author, publisher and “Briany Tales of India” is my first Amazon Kindle e-Book. This book has 10 short stories of Brian’s experiences and observation in India.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this small book since it indirectly talks about the values people follow in India. Humorous and witty is the style of writing I chose for this book since it’s all about innocent villagers living a life given to them by their forefathers.

I prefer simple, neat writing that can connect to your emotions or the intellect. I listen to the client specifications and play around those guidelines.

If you have a query please feel free to contact me for your writing requirements.

P.S. My wholehearted thanks to Canva. Most of the photos that are used in this site are from Canva including design layouts. They have been the best till now and is a real blessing for all the designers out there. The problem of getting a suitable royalty free picture for your post or design was a nightmare sometime back. Canva has beautiful Hi-Res collections of photos on different categories that are free to use. Try it.

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