Love is Life! Brian’s experience during a mountain trek!

Brian always felt people are bullshitting saying true love, pure love and what not. He gets aggressive when he hears the so-called preachers and philosophical nonsense about love. He could connect to the word love with another gender to a certain extent but always thought its just lust and people sugarcoat it, calling love.

One day he was trekking in a nearby mountain, that had a beautiful village on the top. He saw a lot of children looking at him curiously, asked them to show the village. During his casual look around, he noticed a small girl aged around six carrying her baby brother in the hip, playing around and just by mistake slipped him down. The girl lifted him back swiftly, continuously kissing and rubbing the hurt areas. The baby was uncontrollably crying and there came her mother yelling at the girl, grabbed the baby and hit her badly. Now it became so, that the girl had more bruises than the baby, but to Brian’s surprise the girl kept on rubbing the baby’s bruises. The baby stopped crying and was trying to jump back to his little sister who’s getting beaten.

All these were just happening in no time and Brian could not take it. He intervened & brought the situation under control. The mother kept on complaining that her daughter is careless. The little girl and the baby brother were very keen to reunite and were least bothered about Brian or the Mother. Finally, the mother gave up and handed over the baby to his sister with a warning. He thought this is also some sort of love but this one felt good.

Brian started moving. On the way down he heard sound in bushes again but never stopped.

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