Madhavi, I Arrived! – A Short Story!

Traveling by train in Japan is an absolute pleasure. Apart from the comfort, luxury, and timeliness, for some unknown reason, my memory would automatically spring back to pleasant moments of Life whenever am aboard. Though its a constant rewind, I cherish and allow my mind to chew them repeatedly as the Train fast forwards into the future. I still vividly remember my father’s narration of my birth, oops, sorry! first, let me introduce myself. am Aarthi, Core Java Programmer & a Japanese language expert. Mom of equally balanced kids Nethra, a cute little daddy’s girl aging 6 & Utsav, Mama’s boy for the last 14 years. We are three sisters and the last one to stop the populated chain in my family was my brother Aadhi. Dad, Rajamanickam ex-serviceman, a strict disciplinarian and the hero plus heroine of this book our Mother Madhavi, an embodiment of Love!

Am the eldest and the most troublesome as per reviews from the closest ones. I love to hear dad narrate the story of my arrival into this world repeatedly. Every time I hear, it sounds fresh. Maybe its the same feeling for everyone, you have to tell me.

Dad said,

“Aarthi, that particular day, literally there was nothing to eat at home. Generally, pregnant women are fed with great diets but we weren’t able to afford a single meal that day. Madhavi had no complaints at all, instead, she kept on cheering me up that things would be all right soon. Anything that I buy for her, she would blackmail only if I take the share first, she would eat. I always felt whatever good things I have done in my life took the shape of your mother. I had gone out that day with a confidence of my regular daily wage work, but heavy rains that lashed non stop left the town crippled. Nothing was working out that day. The only good thing was that the Government hospital was just next door and the chief doctor who came for the duty was unable to move out since it was such heavy downpour. God always leaves us with troubles to remember him constantly and Blessings amidst to thank him for the Grace.

When she developed pain, it was 7 pm already and I never wanted to take a chance since she was already weak not having anything from the morning. I think God had plans, unable to bear the torture we were going through, he preponed the delivery of yours so that at least Madhavi would get to eat something in the hospital. The hospital staff were kind and many attended your mother and the biggest blessing of all is the chief doctor who took up the entire chapter of your birth.

But Aarthi, I will tell you one thing about your mother here. Please remember this till the end of your life. The moment we entered the hospital, nurses quickly changed her wet clothes and within 20 minutes you were born. Normal delivery, No major complication. They provided your mother with a fantastic diet of a boiled egg, a glass of milk, dates, two chappatis, a bowl of rice with pepper rasam and green peas curry from the hospital canteen. Your mother was so happy because she found food for me, she immediately requested the sisters to allow me inside to feed her. But her plan was different, she fed me first with her regular blackmail. Though I was feeling so guilty, I had no choice than to eat. I still remember tears were rolling profusely, uncontrollable, unstoppable with every mouthful. I was completely shaken and touched by the motherly love she displayed even in that situation. And you know what, The next morning local MLA visited the hospital and gave you a gift of Rs.100/-, a silver coin and a pack of sweet Ghova. It was his practice to give every newborn in this hospital since he was a big fan of Lord Krishna.

So you were born after a full 16 hours of fasting and once you arrived, we had a royal meal, money, jewelry and all of these just came to our table with no efforts. From that day I started calling her Maa! a nickname for Madhavi. But I was the first one to call her Maa before you guys could!”

The proud eyes of my father shine like a star, whenever he talks about my MAA! and Guess what! I Arrived when my father started calling her MAA!

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