Brian’s Prayer of Faith!

Brian loved chocolates. A pack of assorted chocolates accompanies him wherever he goes. Small kids just keep company with him always, trusting they would also get their share of chocolates when Brian takes a bite.

The special thing about Brian was his kind-heartedness. Every day the word of mouth would spread among kids and a new addition would be there. That day too, a small boy of around 4 years with bright eyes and only bottom covered with small underwear joined the gang. All the other little ones were trying to bully him since they had a fear about their share.

Brian just tried to calm them down saying he has enough for everyone and started distributing their shares, the new boy took the chocolate, after a thankful look, fled away from the scene. Every day this continued and a day came when Brian just thought he would figure out what’s the boy doing with the chocolate without eating it.

Brian asked the other little ones to show the house of this new kid. It was a very small hut that needed almost a crawl to enter. No one was there other than a girl who is clearly a special child, mentally retarded in social terms unable to move, since her legs were crippled and with those imported chocolate wrappers near her. Brain started crying so profusely that the whole gang was afraid if he would give away all the chocolates to her.

Brian sat near her and his eyes were shedding tears continuously. This news became viral in the village and everyone came to check it out and Brian was least bothered about people watching him cry. He was not ready to move away from the place. Finally the big lady, his Granny arrived and looking at Brian she too started shedding tears. She was touched by Brian’s true being which was unknown to the world.

She realized it cannot go on like that and told Brian, “you shouldn’t cry, rather do something”. To everyone’s surprise, Brian just kneeled down and loudly prayed “Lord, I am crippled and retarded because I feel totally helpless now. My helplessness is becoming tears and Brian continued his childlike prayer, ” Give me the power to raise her up”!

Grandma felt none of the villagers including herself has prayed so sincerely to cure the crippled girl, maybe this is what is called faith, selfless, love, etc., and though this prayer is like a Batman, Heman prayer but is definitely​ heard!

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