Spider Brian

Spiderman was the most favorite superhero of Brian. Though there are too many superheroes, Spiderman is still Brian’s favorite. Spiderman toys and costumes are a part of his regular collection.

Brian was happy finding spider webs everywhere in his Granny’s house. Granny would just leave them undisturbed and has given strict instructions to household workers not to clean the spider webs in Brian’s room.

Yearly once a major festival called “Thiruvizha” happens in the village for almost a week. The whole town and the temple become colorful and the entire people of Tirukovilur gather as a family and celebrate this festival.

He was enjoying his days thoroughly and this festival doubled up his happiness. People were rehearsing for the festival as groups. Many groups were into traditional dancing practices. His most favorite was the one in which people were dressing up like tigers, horses, etc., and dancing beautiful steps based on the music.

Everyone loved Brian’s childlike attitude and this time they had decided to introduce a special performance of Spiderman dance by Brian. They thought it would be a new introduction and a great crowd puller. Brian thought, are they making a joke out of him? but readily agreed since he was transforming into his favorite Super Hero.

Brain too was rehearsing sincerely with Hollywood Tracks. Locals did superb marketing for Brian’s Spiderman dance by putting up Huge flex posters throughout the town with all their faces too, taking the credit of those bad looking posters. The day came and Brian Stole the show. The entire crowd clapped, Whistled and thoroughly enjoyed.

No one was denied permission to watch the show. Lot of beggars & Mad roadsiders were also a part of the show. Brian just peeled off his Spiderman’s Costume to get some fresh air and all of a sudden a naked mad man jumped near him and started tearing Brian’s T-shirt & shorts. Brian couldn’t understand what was happening and the local boys just took control of the mad man. The mad guy laughed loud and continued, “you just gave up the spiderman’s identity in a minute and why so much time to lose this one”. The mad man started laughing, clapping, dancing & shouting continuously “Actors all around, Actors all around.” Brian said to others, Don’t hurt him, “He looks like the real showman”

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