Known Is Only A Handful! The Unknown?

Disclaimer: Idea of this Hearticle is not to promote any cult, religion or personalities. It’s just an observation within my limited knowledge, that’s worth sharing.

One of my most favorite hobbies is/was to read about the Great Masters. They had left their body so graceful and had informed about their parting well in advance. They had lived so beautifully, either from Birth or from a certain point of time in their life. Time wasn’t able to take away their glory. Their life and teachings still remain as an inspiration to many.

I had always felt, more than the Books these Great Masters have written, the incidents in their life had the biggest life lessons to humanity. Life history of the Great Masters are the most delicious recipes for the heart.

I would like to share two such incidents here. It looks as if how even the greatest of these Great Masters had something to learn even after their GOD Realization. But I personally feel they have left these incidents in their life history for Humanity to realize something important. These incidents leave a big question mark on our egos. When the great Jagathgurus have still something to learn.What about us?

Known Is Handful! The Unknown Is An Ocean! We are such tiny insignificant creatures on this Planet with a Big Useless Ego.

From Jagath Guru Shri Adi Shankaracharaya’s Life History:

Shri Shankara told the Chandala who came opposite in his way to move.

Chandala said,

“inside this impure body, dwells the consciousness that can’t move and the same consciousness resides in you too. Which one these are you asking to move?”

Shankara understood, the person who has come is Shiva Himself and surrendered to His feet.

Watch this scene below:

From Great Women Saint Avvaiyar’s Life History:

The great women saint Avvaiyar was directly initiated & blessed by Lord Ganesha. She had traveled places to impart her mission in the lives of people. After many long years of preaching & service, she reached the outskirts of a place and requested the Lord to take her into his feet. A boy from the nearby treetop starts talking to her,

“Grandma, you look very tired, Can I shake the branch and get you some Indian Blackberries”.

Avvaiyar says, “Please do”

The boy asks,

“Do you want hot fruits or the cold ones.”

Avvaiyar thought to herself, how nonsensical? anyways ” Give me the cold fruits”

The boy shook the branches, fruits fell. Avvaiyar took it from the ground, started blowing air with her mouth to clean up the mud accumulated on the fruits. The boy sarcastically asked,

“you asked for the cold ones, but picked up the hot? (since she was blowing air)

Avvaiyar was stunned, “I went around the world preaching everyone, but this small thing, I never realized.” Avvaiyar understood the little boy was Lord Subramanya and then made this statement, ” Known is only a handful, the unknown is as big as this universe.

Watch the scene below:

So sweet right? May I always remember this throughout my life. Being Receptive to life happens only when we keep our learning alive.

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