The Farmer’s “Good Enough” Attitude! – A Short Story!

People in Tirukovilur keep looking at the sky for planning their crop strategies. Rain is something that influences the farmer’s life and it’s the same story here too. But how beautifully people judge rains is an art by itself. Brian wondered and thought many times, these people live so close to the nature they simply know it’s next move.

Brian once went to look around paddy sapling plantation. Brian loves to watch people cover up the entire clay bed with green in no time. Most of them are women and there was this one old farmer sitting on the edge calmly smoking a beedi (a type of village cigar). He sat near him and asked for a puff. The old man with all respect offered him a new Beedi and a match box. Brian too enjoyed every puff of it.

Brian casually asked him what would be the margin and how is it for a farmer nowadays. Farmer said we all have a cow and an acre minimum. Milking is a daily affair, milk society buys it from us. Vegetables, rice are cultivated and that’s good enough for us.

Education and Medical are the main expenses..but rarely people fall sick..Education is something that’s much needed and it’s really missing.Brian completely felt convinced, for their life style there’s nothin much needed..but for the talents they have there’s no proper education.

Brian asked about the farmer’s education. The farmer said he can read the local language newspaper, do maths well and that was good enough for his routine and fortune.

Brian thought for a while, may be I studied too many non sense that’s useless and then slowly convinced himself saying the farmer’s world is limited and is filled with ignorance. Brian started driving​ back home and “that’s good enough for us” words were on a loop in his ears.

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