The Mighty Horse Power!

Animals, particularly Cows, Dogs, Bulls, Horses, Cats & Goats have shared an extraordinary relationship in helping man accomplish upgraded versions in living and lifestyle. Horses were the Harley Davidson of Men in the olden days. They served as the best travel company. Cowboys don’t get completed without a horse. It’s so fascinating to see how man figured out the natural capabilities of animals and used it as a problem-solving factor.

Kings are remembered along with a horse. Horses represent power, glory, speed and all the mightiest aspects of life. Pegasus World Cup is the richest horse race in the world as of today. Pegasus is a mythical winged divine horse that has a unique importance in Greek Mythology. It’s no surprise the world’s richest race is named after Pegasus and the beauty of it is captured to a certain extent in the below video.

People have used horses in the olden days for travel, agriculture and as powerlifters. Horses can easily pull 150 pounds while walking 2.5 miles per hour. Even now people celebrate the power of horses through various championships. James Watt was surprised when people were reluctant to use engines. He had no other choice than to measure the power of an engine with the term “Horsepower” to make people shift over from their horses. The pulling power of a horse is unparalleled. Watching the beauty of a horse gallop is an experience by itself.

Pulling Power of Horses

Mighty Black Stallions. Speed! a treat to watch. The “Black Stallion” film brought back the craze among people to have horses as their pets. A scene from the film below for your eyes.

Even today people flaunt their royal pets. The Olympia Horse Show is the most popular and is a royal one. It’s nothing wrong to say, “Mighty Horses” with full of valor and power.

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