The Rain Of Love! – A Short Story!

“It’s raining!, an excited scream of Pranav cannot be amiss. Pranav is just 6 years old and is crazy about rains. He wants to get wet. Mom Rekha makes sure not even a drop falls on his body. This tug of war between the two looks like a mini BIG BOSS Show. I am Prem, Pranav’s Daddy & I too love to play with him in the rain when his mommy is not around, but that seldom happens.

It’s now raining heavily outside and the smell of wet soil is soulfully sweet. Pranav is too excited, but he knows mom is around and all his tricks to get wet might not work. He looked at me and I gave him a helpless hug. Rekha was busy closing all the windows and doors since it was a heavy downpour. I am tired of convincing Rekha. I try my best to divert Pranav into carrom or puzzle solving.

I just noticed Rekha rushing outdoors. I am sure she has seen something while closing the windows, don’t know what it was. I quickly followed her. It was a mother dog trying to shelter her newborn puppies below our car. Guess the mother dog was carrying her puppies one by one to the safe zone and while doing so, it got stuck peeping through the gate’s grill. Our iron gate had circular designs and maybe while carrying the third puppy she got stuck.

Oh, you should see Rekha now. She somehow quickly managed to push and pull the mother dog to get through the gate opening successfully. We had no idea how many more puppies to be rescued. Rekha quickly opened the gate to make it easy for the mother dog to get the rest of her little ones. Rekha became totally wet and she seems to be on a mission. She rushed inside the home and somehow managed to find a jute sack. She cushioned it nicely on the floor for the puppies to stay warm, got a towel and made those small shivering little ones feel dry.

All this was happening and the mother dog walked in with the fifth puppy. Rekha said, “maybe this is the last one”. You know what, behind the mother dog comes Pranav, totally drenched, holding the sixth pup in his little hands telling both of us, “No, this is the last one”. Rekha and I were staring at each other, “when did this guy go out?”. The mother dog was licking Pranav’s hands in a thankful, respectful, gesture.

Pranav innocently looked at Rekha and said, “Remember Ma, you said when we help someone in trouble, God will feel happy”. Rekha’s tears were wiped off by the Rain Gods. Pranav twinkled and whispered, “see how I got my bums saved”

We all spent some time near the car park, beyond the fear of fever and chills looking at the happy puppies jumping on her mother’s breasts for their share of milk.

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