Who is God?

Seeking God has become the most complicated factor in today’s world of Machine Learning. Many are trying to take advantage of seekers in the name of spirituality, enlightenment, peace, love, healing, etc., this article aims at understanding some of the very basics of the GOD FACTOR.

  • Let’s look around carefully. Everything seems to have intelligence embedded in themselves & they are living through their primary intelligence. Animals, Birds, Plants all of them possess extraordinary intelligence and they all live by instincts. Just observing an ant for a day sincerely would be jaw-dropping. The way it could sense sugar chunks, working in order, sharing food, co-existing with fellow ants, truly unbelievable. If we start cultivating the habit of observing nature, we would notice unique intelligence embedded in everything / everywhere.

  • Now Let’s begin with our origin. The womb of our mother seems to be an extraordinary intelligence. Without our effort, our body’s internal and external parts are put in place and made to function. There might be a question here. How about children with mental & physical disabilities? Even that was not at our disposal. If we pay attention, we would clearly notice the role-play of extraordinary intelligence in our making.
  • Now let’s move on to our very own lives. Pay attention to whatever that has happened in our life. It might look as if we took a decision, we desired it, etc., but how did that desire crop in us? why are we driven by a certain bunch of desires? we have no answer. Everyone has their own beliefs and desires. For example, we got a desire to watch a circus show. We started but reaching the circus show is never in our hands, it seems to be driven by something unknown. The tire got punctured or there was a traffic jam or we got an emergency call from home or maybe we reached, enjoyed the show and returned back. Pay careful attention, we would see the entire life is driven by something unknown but our logic makes us believe as if we control our life.
  • Observing Earth / just the soil can be an awakening experience. A seed is brought to life. A shit that’s dropped in the soil becomes the soil itself in a certain period of time. When it rains, plant/tree varieties crop out of the soil, who planted them? The Earth, that seems to be a non-living, immovable thing seems to be the highest form of intelligence that converts our own body to mud after death. Unbelievable isn’t it?
  • Now observe the primary supplies of life to exist on this Planet. Oxygen, Carbon-di-oxide, Water, Food, our very own body that functions on its own with a certain intelligence to perform digestion, excretion, etc., without our involvement is a real miracle. The primary supplies of life to exist and function is absolutely controlled by that unknown intelligence.
  • When we clearly sense this intelligence, we would only want to surrender to that extraordinary stuff that really drives everything including Birth, Life, and Death. Calling it by names, GOD or whatever really doesn’t matter, sensing and accepting the existence of that Intelligence is enough.

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