Winning a woman’s love is what men seek naturally and when accomplished, a man feels more complete than any other achievement. For women, it’s all about accepting or rejecting the offer mostly, which has a deeper sense of meaning.

Marriage is a beautiful happening that completes his seeking permanently. If we look closely, she exactly patches up all his negatives and complement to become a better half.

From a certain point of time in our life, she becomes our best Friend, Philosopher, and Guide. Her role in our life gets stronger with days and after our parents, they are the only ones who seek for our health, happiness, Glory & Success. All auspicious things are showered in a man’s life by their unparalleled support and love.

The kind of responsibilities wife handles cannot be even visualized by a man in his wildest dreams. Their love, presence, contribution & generosity is taken for granted in a husband’s so-called busy professional life. Most commonly, Man has all the time to spend with friends, profession, undue overtimes but when it comes to her, he has no time or less time. She’s just a silent spectator of everything, completes her routine everyday flawless and waits, waits & waits for her bestie’s arrival.

Without Her no Man is complete.

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